Happy Chinese New Year 2012

Friday, May 27, 2011

Chinese Dumplings

Food and Recipes are part of every celebration. Here, we have special food item - Dumplings or Jiaozi related with Chinese new year celebration. It has become part of Chinese traditional celebration and get-together food for people offering words of thanks to the dragon and making everyone feel happy with variety of dumplings. Mainly, it is prepared on the first day of celebration of lunar new year. So, this year, delight your guests with lovely Chinese Dumplings prepared by you.

Chinese New Year Holidays

Holidays are meant for celebration but the Chinese new year holidays bring lots of activity work, decorations, shopping and traditional values to be experienced and enjoyed. Bring that happy holiday cheer to your celebrations by calling your loved ones be part of the festive holiday time. Its more than week festive holidays when Chinese community celebrate their lantern festival together with other traditional days of Chinese new year.

Chinese New Year Coloring Cards

Welcome the dragon of Chinese new year with a great bang and your creative art of coloring available in this form of Chinese New Year Coloring Cards where you can not only fill colors in these blank cards but along with that you can add up lines and words of wishes for your dear one.

Chinese New Year for Kids

Chinese New Year celebrations has special craze among kids who enjoys every day of Chinese festival. You can preview pictures of Chinese New Year for Kids showcasing little ones dressed in red holding lanterns, making group to denote dragon and lion. Encourage kid's excitement by letting them participate in playful activities.
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