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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Funny Chinese New Year Cards

Choose from our below displayed funny chinese new year card to create joke environment, fun and laughter. A funny card to wish all the people you know a great New Year. You can send funny and witty cards to friends, formal cards to colleagues and other collection for spouse or families.
funny chinese new year cards
Free Funny New Year Ecards
new year funny chinese card

Animated Chinese New Year Cards

Animation is the life of our multimedia industry. Ecards, greeting cards and screensavers are designed with the animation art work. Even famous animated cartoons of walt disney are also used in designed beautiful cards. On this year of Ox, we present our animated chinese new year cards with free download facility.
animated cards for chinese new year
Animated Chinese New Year Cards
Animated Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Postcards

Send these free chinese new year postcards to celebrate the Chinese lunar year. Select your choice of postcard from below listed postcards and add address, name and other contact details of the sender. Many of our postcards have the Chinese zodiac sign of the new year in their design. Each postcard has been decorated with different Chinese symbols of luck or prosperity.
postcard for chinese new year
Lunar Chinese New Year Postcards
Chinese New Year Postcards

Chinese New Year Ecards

Chinese New Year is one of the biggest holiday on the year for chinese communities. Send greetings & wishes for luck & prosperity through our free chinese new year ecards available with flash and other animation work to give real beautiful look and feel. Share the festive spirit with your friends and family by sending them your warm wishes along with spectacular fireworks and greetings.
Free Chinese New Year Ecard
ecard for chinese new year
Chinese New Year Ecards

Free Chinese New Year Cards

Send free chinese new year cards to all your dear friends, relatives and families along with a heart felt warm wish for them. Our free cards collection covers different themes like fireworks, big dragons, chinese symbols, flowers and many more. Download them for free and enjoy the celebration time with a lovely get-together and a delicious feast. So welcome 2009 with these beautifull chinese new year greetings.
chinese new year cards collection
free chinese new year cards
free cards for chinese new year

Monday, December 15, 2008

Chinese New Year Horoscope

The Lunar calendar comprises sixty year cycle. In the Chinese horoscope, the five basic elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth are combined with twelve animal signs of Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Lamb, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig to form the sixty year cycle. To know your chinese new year horoscope for 2009, keep surfing.
Free Chinese Horoscope
chinese horoscope
Chinese New Year Horoscope

Chinese New Year Date

Chinese New Year Date changes every year according to chinese calendar. As the Chinese use the Lunar calendar for their festivals the date of Chinese New Year changes from year to year. Dates are represented by new moon of the lunar calendar and will fall either on late January or February. In China, chinese new year is announced with three days public holiday for the people.

YearChinese New Year DayAnimal Sign

Nian Chinese New Year

The legend behind dragon or chinese new year celebrations is the Nian who was a furious monster who made people scared of him. Thats why people used to shut their doors-windows early evening before the sunset. The Nian looked like both dragons and unicorns thats why dragon and lion face look puppets or monsters are created to dance in the special chinese new year parade. So, visitors, who want to know more about Nian, please keep surfing our database along with pictures of Nian sketch.
The monster Nian
Nian Chinese New Year
Legend of Nian

Chinese New Year Colors

Red and Golden are the two basic colors covering most decorations, costumes and gifting part of the chinese new year. It is believed that red is the color of happiness, power and also fears off beasts. Golden is the color of good fortune and wealth. Even dragons are designed in red silk cloth, lanterns have red outer part. So follow the tradition behind chinese new year colors and feel the real enjoyment of the festival.
Chinese New Year Red Golden Colors
Chinese New Year Red Color
Chinese New Year Golden Decorations
Chinese New Year Golden Color

2009 Chinese New Year Feng Shui

2009 is the year of Ox according to chinese astrology. For the purpose of Feng Shui, the year 2009 or the year of the Ox starts on 4th February 2009. People must take care of the four pillars of destiny or paht chee, location of the Tai Sui, 5 Yellow and 3 killings. Since any barrier in these locations can cause bad luck, loss or sickness. Follow the rules mentioned in feng shui relating to bedroom, drawing room, kitchen and other areas. People can gift each other feng shui good luck symbols or products like bamboo stick, coins, flying stars and many more.

feng shui tips for new year

Feng Shui Gifts

Feng Shui Candles
Chinese New Year Feng Shui

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chinese New Year Pictures

Feel free in viewing, downloading and forwarding our latest segment of chinese new year pictures collected from real celebration time covering chinese parade pictures, shop decoration, kids participation and many more. These live and real pictures of celebration can describe people of the chinese custom and tradition relating to their new year celebration.
San Francisco Chinese New Year Pictures Chinese New Year Pictures
Chinese New Year Celebration Picture

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Printable Chinese New Year Cards

Get these latest worksheets, coloring pages and other printing material on chinese new year with easy and free download facility. These printable templates can easily obtained by taking print of the same and is ready for use after coloring it. Feel free in exploring our database of printable chinese new year cards.
Printable Chinese New Year Greeting Cards Printable Chinese New Year Cards
Chinese New Year Printable Worksheets
chinese new year pintables

Chinese New Year Zodiac

There are twelve animals in chinese zodiac calendar which denotes each year. Chinese astrology adopted this symbol system of animals based on some legend of Jade Emperor. 2007 was the year of pig, 2008 was rat's year and now 2009 is the year of Ox. So, keep surfing to know how is 2009 going to affect your life with comparision to traits and characteristics of Ox. The given below chart and picture is best going to describe you the chinese new year zodiac symbols.
Chinese New Year Zodiac Zodiac Animals for Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year Zodiac Signs

Chinese New Year Traditional Food

It is believed that eating traditional food on chinese new year brings prosperity, good luck & in life of all people sitting at the table. These food recipes plays important role in the Chinese New Year Festival celebration. So, we must follow the same custom and add these chinese new year traditional food dishes like pomelos, gourds, momos, tangerines, zaowang, Nian gao and others.
Traditional Food on Chinese New Year Traditional Chinese New Year Food
Chinese New Year Traditional Momos
Chinese New Year Traditional Food

Chinese New Year Party

Its party time, get ready to rock the party with beautiful lighting, clothes, golden tree, traditonal food, decoration and other arrangements. Make preparations upto date to have real fun and enjoyment of the chinese new year eve's party. Do send these chinese new year party cards and greetings.
Chinese New Year Party Lighting Chinese New Year Party Celebrations Cards
Chinese New Year Party Celebrations
Chinese New Year Party

Chinese New Year Moon Cakes

Moon Cakes are one of the chinese new year dessert prepared in the shape of moon to symbolize lunar calendar. It is also part of chinese pastry traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The mooncakes are accompanied with chinese tea. The main ingredient or the crust of the cake is prepared with bean paste or lots seed paste. So enjoy this delicious sweet dessert on this new year. Take help from our recipes on chinese new year moon cakes.
Chinese New Year Moon Cakes Chinese MoonCakes Festival
Chinese Moon Cakes
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