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Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Chinese Horoscope

Chinese Astrology makes China a different country from others. The way future predictions are made is entirely unique and are seen accurate many times. There are five basic elements behind chinese horoscope i.e. water, wood, fire, earth and metal which are combined with the twelve animals of the chinese zodiac cycle. Find few predictions for different animals of the calendar for the 2009 chinese year of Ox.
Dog Chinese Horoscope 2009 - Great career advancement and financial situation. Achieve a higher social standing, new friends will help in many phases of life. Marriage is on cards for many Dogs in this year, good promotions this year.
Rat Chinese Horoscope 2009 - Going to face instability, Opportunities should be grabbed at the first, earn goodwill by the feeling of loyalty for others, avoid indulging in gossips. Rats might get married with their love partner or there could be complete break-off.
Ox Chinese Horoscope 2009 - It will be a balanced year with opportunities to rise in their career, chances of health suffering, avoid any clash of opinions with partners, betrayal by the spouse can also be foreseen.
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2009 Chinese Horoscope


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