Happy Chinese New Year 2012

Friday, December 5, 2008

Chinese New Year Calendar Cards

The Chinese Lunar Calendar names each of the twelve years after an animal like dog, rat, ox, pig, tiger, snake, rabbit and other animals. The date of the chinese new year is fixed according to the chinese new year calendar with the announcement of animal of the year. These animals work as various zodiac symbols of the whole cycle. Like Ox is the year 0f 2009, Rat was the year of 2008, Pig was the year of 2007 and the same way. May everything be to your wish in the coming year. Wan Shi Ru Yi!
Chinese Zodiac Calendar
Chinese Language New Year Calendar Card
Chinese New Year Calendar


American Girl said...

Where does the circle start? Does it go clockwise or counter clockwise?

Rizwan Ali said...

Love the image and your coloring is fab. Thanks for sharing with us.you have done excellent job.
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